Autism-Individual and Group Mind Reading, Telepathy, FC, ESP, and Altered States of Consciousness

Telepathy, shared consciousness, larger thought types – these and different instantaneous, in-depth, complete types of communication are all a part of my actuality. My lecturers are nonverbal youngsters and adults with autism. My problem is to know and clarify the communication course of that takes place between us. My dream and keenness is come along with people who find themselves keen to open themselves to those wonderful people – to be taught from them and share with them. And my hope, along with all who need to be part of me, is to resolve the problems raised by a method of speaking that’s not but readily understood.

I began utilizing this course of years in the past once I was a classroom instructor for youths with autism. Virtually instantly, the scholars awed me with their pure potential to shift their energies and talk at a soul degree. Through the years, I got here to appreciate that almost all of my college students with restricted verbal potential shared this present to various levels. Lots of them additionally demonstrated with excessive accuracy, both by choosing the right phrase card or typing out a response, that they had been able to receiving my phrases telepathically. Proper now, once I’m on the receiving finish, accepting that I am precisely transcribing their telepathic messages continues to be a piece in progress.

The method I take advantage of is much like channeling or receiving info from larger realms of consciousness. A lot, although not all, of the fabric I obtain is mystical in nature and speaks of common truths akin to love, unity, and interdimensional cooperation. So as an alternative of going on to spirit, I share consciousness with my autistic intermediaries, whose expanded states of consciousness open doorways to comprehending larger ranges of consciousness.

My job when sharing consciousness with these fantastic people is to advertise, or facilitate, communication. Facilitated communication (FC) is a course of through which the facilitator offers bodily and emotional help to the nonverbal particular person. That often takes the type of a hand or arm to carry or lean on, together with the extra refined emotional help that goes with that. However I consider the connection additionally has a telepathic and energetic element that’s typically ignored. The shut bodily contact and concentrated focus concerned within the FC course of support within the formation of a shared consciousness. Via the merging of thought types and the synchronization of mind waves and sensory methods, the nonverbal particular person turns into higher in a position to comprehend bodily actuality. In return, the method of consciousness sharing has given me, the communication facilitator, an ever increasing understanding of the universe.

Typically, I lacked the time to facilitate particular person college students, so out of sheer frustration, I started sending out telepathic requests to individuals, inviting them to hitch consciousness with me within the night from my residence. Initially, I used the method to ask particular children what they wished to be taught and the way I might assist. I additionally started asking them as a bunch, quite than as people, once I anticipated extra of a common or religious response to my questions.

Under is a transmission I acquired from a group-mind telepathy session in regards to the telepathic course of itself. I’ve performed some very minor enhancing, and till I am assured that my ego or different thought types aren’t blended in with the communication, I’ll proceed to share the authorship and duty for the transcribed materials.


Are you able to inform me about group telepathy?


Autism group-mind telepathy creates a pressure discipline to switch quantum understanding in order that it may be interpreted in a linear format. It permits random particles to align to create photos or thought types that may then be described utilizing phrases. A lot, however not all, is misplaced within the translation. To make clear extra totally, consider a funnel. The expansiveness of the quantum expertise is poured into the highest of the funnel. It’s slowed down because it trickles by the spout into the acutely aware thoughts. Proper now solely a partial understanding is feasible, as a result of that’s all of the acutely aware self can take up. The extra in tune the recipient is with unconscious consciousness, the extra he is ready to grasp.

The expansiveness of the unconscious meanders to suit the constraints of the acutely aware thoughts. Because the spout continues to widen, extra of the unconscious comes by, deepening the understanding of ideas misplaced by to these dominated by language. Letting go of ego constraints and sharing your unconscious with people with extreme autism accelerates the method. Once you train this functionality, your understanding of consciousness deepens.

Autistic thoughts telepathy sees extra of everything of our particular person and collective journey. Open your coronary heart and ask to hitch consciousness with them. Acknowledge the stream between the acutely aware, unconscious, and super-conscious. They’re prepared to help however offers you solely as a lot as you enable or are able to greedy. We’re at residence within the unconscious and super-conscious states of figuring out. By merging power with us, your funnel spout broadens, leading to a stronger stream of knowledge and an enhanced understanding of our respective states of consciousness. Your ego-dominant actuality turns into extra comprehensible to us as altered states and direct figuring out grow to be extra accessible to you.

Shared data or telepathic mixing of power is a becoming a member of of minds, a linking of souls, a partnership of blended power particles. It calls for a shared vocabulary and an open consciousness that the thoughts is separate from the physique. The thoughts or soul exists earlier than conception and after dying and relies on the physique for language-based expression. Because the scope, breadth, and depth of knowledge not depending on phrases develops, the inclination of thoughts above matter is to create a unifying cohesiveness, magically, magnetically, and exponentially immune to exterior chaos. Mutual consent, belief, and expectancy are mandatory for “unconscious communion” to occur. It’s a the heartfelt connection that makes telepathic communication automated.

The contributors concerned merge. Collectively they ship, obtain, and interpret the information and reply to it. When listening or receiving info from larger thought types, interference can happen, inflicting distortion because the particular person most related to his acutely aware thoughts can unwittingly and unknowingly grow to be dominant. Know when to steer and when to observe. It takes an incredible quantity of belief and follow. Targeted intent, calm inner demeanor, and mutual focus assist the stream to proceed uninterrupted by exterior forces. Stability is created as a “united discipline” of thought particles searches and clings for [the] phrases for expression.

The understanding of mind-to-mind unconscious merging of thought waves is in its infancy. There isn’t a turning again for the explorers of evolutionary communication which have skilled the method.

Nonverbal souls, typically recognized with extreme autism, retain their connection to larger realms and lengthy to show the method to these open and keen to be taught.

In case you are a kind of souls who’s prompted to let go of your preconceived concepts and be part of others to brazenly discover and talk about all facets of those phenomena, I might love to listen to from you.

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